A unique experience full of adventure is waiting for you! The Wing Foil school in Tarifa of Alex Pastor, world champion in kitesurfing, is the right place to learn or improve your techniques with the wing and the board.

We will teach you everything you need to know to handle a wing in a safe and supervised way. Our expert Wing Foil instructors will make sure you enjoy every lesson and make sure you get the most out of every lesson, with obvious progress!

Our kite school receives very good reviews for the good vibes and the family atmosphere between learners and teachers. We are relaxed but disciplined, and this gives our students a lot of confidence.

We can’t wait for you to be here with us, full of energy and ready to meet new people and learn everything in our Wing Foil school in Tarifa.

Wingfoiling is an innovative sport technique, born as a hybrid of windfoiling, kitefoiling and SUP foiling. This new sport allows you to glide over the water and almost float on it, with the handling of a wing (wing) that is not attached to the board. 

The dynamic consists of grabbing a wing with your hands while riding a foil board. Having a wing so close to the body allows you to navigate with a lot of stability and control over the water, generating almost magical sensations.

Many people have become fans of this sport because of the endless possibilities it offers, and it has gained many followers in recent years. In addition, the good thing about wingfoiling is that it is a water sport in which you can take better advantage of the lower wind ranges (around 10-12 knots).

The comfort of using a wing is incredible, as it only has to be inflated to be used. The board is usually handled while standing or kneeling and the wing is held with both hands. With the board and the wing you will start flying sooner than you expected.

Wing Foil course in Tarifa

2 instructors

3/4 students

2 equipments

If you want to make the most of your getaway to Tarifa, the wing foil lessons in a group of 3 or 4 people are the best for you. You will learn how to wing foil, and you will have the time of your life!

Wing Foil course in Tarifa

1 instructor

1 student

1 equipment

If you want to learn wing foil in a fast and totally personalized way, what you are looking for is a private course. Our individual wing foil course is the best option if you want to make the most of your time to learn and if you want to have a teacher exclusively looking after you.

Wing Foil course in Tarifa

1 instructor

2 students

2 equipments

The semi-private wing foil course is ideal if you spend your vacations in Tarifa with your partner, a friend or any family member. A teacher will give you his/her full attention at all times, and you will learn a lot in a class prepared just for the two of you.


The wing foil lessons we offer in our school in Tarifa are based on a methodology of theoretical and practical work, because we understand that to be a good wing-foiler you need to know everything about this sport before jumping into the water.

We will teach you safety techniques to know what to do in case of a fall, how to secure all the material, also how to use it correctly… in short, everything you need to be able to jump into the water autonomously and independently.

We have a whole team of Wing Foiling professionals who dedicate their lives to the sport. They are inveterate lovers of the activity, fun and water sports in general. Our instructors are, above all, people who love their students and love their work, something very valuable and that you will notice in every class: you will feel very comfortable, you will laugh a lot, and you will see how much they care about you being well and feeling comfortable both in and out of the water. Our instructors love to share Wing Foil tips and tricks with their students and are always learning.

But that’s not all, our instructors are certified to teach water sports, so the experience of being taught by a fully qualified person is guaranteed. Competence, good vibes and disciplined and effective training are their main goal.

Good news! Wingfoiling is one of the most recommended sports for beginners in water sports of this type, as it is an activity that takes advantage of the smoothest wind currents to glide through the water. With our Wing Foil course for beginners you will experience for the first time the sensation of being pulled by a wing.

We will teach you from scratch how to handle the wing on land, how to enter and exit the sea with the board, and how to make your first turns on a board. In addition, you will certainly learn some techniques to recover the wing in case of loss of control of it and different safety techniques.

All this after having been taught how to use the material that you will carry with you daily so that you know what to do at all times.

If you have already had contact with Wing Foil and know how to handle board and wing with ease, in the Wing Foil course for advanced riders you will perfect your technique and we will teach you how to do the tricks and turns you didn’t know, or those you always wanted to learn how to do and didn’t know how. We are looking forward to share with you everything we know!

We recommend this class for those who already know how to handle a wing on a board and have previous hydrofoiling experience, who want to perfect their technique and bring their own equipment, if they wish.

Wing foiling school in Tarifa

The wing foil course in Tarifa is designed for the most daring sportsmen and women in love with the sensations that generate adrenaline. Dare to enjoy the sea like a real animal and fly untethered.

Price of Wing Foil courses in Tarifa

The price of each Wing Foil course at our school in Tarifa varies depending on the number of lessons per student, the instructor you choose and the type of class.

Each person needs a specific number of lessons depending on their personal needs, their previous experience with the sport or their speed of learning. It also depends on whether this class is private or group, and the experience of each teacher.

Contact us and we will inform you about the prices of each course and we will find the one that best suits you, without any commitment.


Start your wing foil journey and learn to fly!


There are several options when it comes to Wing Foil classes, but there is no doubt that the private class of a single student is the one that allows you to advance faster and learn in a more effective way.

In these private classes you have an instructor just for you, watching every move you make, so that he or she can correct it. This private course guarantees you a noticeable advance in your techniques and tricks, where you will become fluent so that soon you will be able to do on your own what you want to do. We recommend that, if you can, you give more than one hour of class in one day to make the most of your learning time.

Of course it’s safe! Our wing foil course instructors work hand in hand so that everything is done with professional and safe supervision. In addition, wingfoil is a very low risk sport as the power a wing can achieve is nothing compared to that of a kitesurfing wing. Wing foil boards are also usually more stable as they float more, making self-rescue easier.

An excellent activity to get you started in water sports, take away your fear and become more confident.

The fun of Wing Foil is that you can increase the difficulty little by little. Many beginners start with a stand up paddle or paddle surf board, which is much more stable and easier to stand up on.

The Wing Foil is based on the fact that the rider can use the same type of hand wing to propel himself, but a hydrofoil is added that can be mounted on different types of boards. The Wing Foil offers great advantages:

It is very accessible. Your wing is held by your hands thanks to handles that allow you to brake, accelerate and everything with an immediate response, and super safe!
By carrying a hydrofoil under the board, the wind range is multiplied making it very easy for you to start flying in high gusts of wind. With a hydrofoil wing you can pass wind gaps without knowing it.
Anywhere. This is what we like the most: you won’t have any problems with any beach, where it is sometimes forbidden to practice certain water sports. With the wing you can start the fun from any pier, rocky beach or boat. No limits!

If you are interested in learning the best of wing foiling in Tarifa and experience a real progress, do not hesitate and contact us. We will give you all the information you ask for so you don’t have any doubts.

A Wing Foil school where we have the world champion in kitesurfing can not offer you less than a complete and safe training, based on a progressive learning adapted to each student.

The Wing Foil lessons in Tarifa that we offer are adapted to all types of students, always taking into account their conditions and level of knowledge.

  • The preparation is simple. Transporting your equipment is quite simple, it is quick and easy to set up and you don’t need so many accessories. You just have to go to the beach, inflate the wing, take the board and fly.
  • Very easy and fun. Wing Foil is a very simple sport that anyone of any age can learn. Since there is less equipment, there is also more simplicity in the processes on the water.
  • They can be done in almost any type of wind. If you are at an advanced level and you are already comfortable with the wing and the board, you don’t have to worry about the wind direction: Winginging in cross offshore winds is possible.
  • Very safe. Wing Foil is a very low risk sport, as the power of a wing has nothing to do with the power that a kite can generate. The boards are more buoyant and make self-rescue easier.
  • Accessible to the fullest. The low risk classes make them very accessible for all ages. It is an optimal sport to practice with the family on days with little wind.

Each person is different, and much depends on the capabilities of the person, their ease of learning, or if you have previous knowledge in the practice of wing foil or some kind of water sport. In addition, the desire you put into it is also fundamental. We can’t give you an exact number of lessons, but we can assure you that we will make the most of every minute of them so that you can make the most progress possible in each session.

If you want to know an approximate number of lessons you will need, don’t hesitate to ask us and we will assess your learning level.

Wing Foil lessons at our school in Tarifa are based on different variables, and we want you to master each and every one of them to become a totally autonomous and brilliant rider.

Control the wing on the beach. Before lifting a wing it is essential that you have a fairly good knowledge of wind sports. If you don’t know them, we will explain everything in the beginner lessons.

Handle the wing and the board at the same time. It may seem very simple, but it requires technique that you must learn, especially because you have to master a wing and a board at the same time and until you get used to it, it is not so easy. It is essential that you learn this technique even before jumping into the water, in order to prevent the sea from swallowing your beloved equipment.

Practice on a SUP. Highly recommended for those who have not practiced with hydrofoil yet; you will learn with the wing first and then with the foil.

The wing foil lessons can be booked on any day you want, as long as the instructor you want has availability. Normally the classes take place in the early morning or from 3 pm onwards, depending on the wind.

Ask us! We will advise you on which is the Wing Foil course that best suits you to make your experience a very positive and enjoyable one. 

The practice of Wing Foil is recommended for children because it is a low-risk extreme sport. So your little ones can enjoy an experience that will give them a lot of adrenaline, but with all the peace of mind that it is a very safe sport.

Your teacher will be whoever you want, we put in your hand a whole group of experts in this sport. Get to know them better and choose the one you trust the most. All of them are equally as good at handling the wing. 

Classes are usually held in different locations in Tarifa, such as Los Lances Norte, Los Palmones or Valdevaqueros, depending on the wind conditions.

If for some reason we do not have enough wind or there is too much wind and the class cannot take place, we will look for another date where you can take your course. In case we don’t have availability for another date, don’t worry, we will refund your money.

If you are unable to attend the course, we will refund your money or find another date for you to enjoy the classes.