Rent your Wing Foil equipment in Tarifa

Wing foil equipment rental prices in Tarifa

For those who can’t imagine a vacation by the sea without wing foiling, here we have high quality equipment at your disposal so that you can practice whenever you want, and at a very good price!

If you are wondering if you have to rent the equipment if you have already enrolled in one of our courses in our Wing Foil School in Tarifa, don’t worry: the equipment is all included.

FULL EQUIPMENT 70€ 120€ 50€/DAY 300€
FREE WING 50€ 90€ 40€/DAY 250€
BOARD 25€ 40€ 20€/DAY 120€


An essential aspect when practicing wing foil is to find, on the one hand, the perfect instructor and on the other hand, to get the right equipment. We need a series of fundamental elements to practice this sport, and many times they are not at all economical or we avoid buying them at all costs because we use them very little time per year.

If this is your case, we provide you with everything you need to practice wing foil, especially if you are a beginner. Here you can rent only a part of the equipment or the complete equipment.

The full equipment rental service costs 70€ per day, but if you rent several days, the price is reduced. For example: if you rent for two days, you will pay 120€. If you want more than two days, you will pay 50€ per day, so we deduct 20€ per day. If you want to rent the complete wing foil equipment for a whole week, the total cost is 300€.

If on the other hand you only want to rent a specific part of the equipment and not all of it, the prices vary a little. The kite or wing has a price of 50€ per day, the board will be 25€ per day and other minor materials such as harnesses, helmets, vests or wetsuits will cost you 8€ per day. The same goes for the materials; if you rent several days, you will get a bigger discount.

Alquilar material free wing tarifa

What Wing Foil equipment do we have for you?


We have several wing models, each one of them specific for each need, experience or student’s condition. Check them out and ask us if you need to know which one is the best for you.

The main characteristics of this wing are its lightness, durability and reactivity. It is a very soft wing that brings great power to the movements. It feels like it is one size bigger than it really is, but it is fully adaptable and will give you incredible speed.

Its load frame is very stable and the canopy supports enough resistance, it is also 30% lighter than the wings we know.

This special wing is designed for multilevel athletes, from beginners to advanced. Its window allows you to always see in which direction you are going, making it a much safer experience. Its center strut is wider than we are used to, providing much more power and stability. Sailing with more control and more speed is possible, choose this wing.

A kite that gives you great balance, control and simplicity. This free wing air V2 provides greater stability and stiffness on the water to give you more reactivity, acceleration and speed on the water. Its design is adapted for all levels and its window, which stays very close to the body, also allows you to see everything with great clarity and comfort.

This is undoubtedly the best option to get into the world of wing, not only wing foiling. If you are just discovering which is your wing sport yet, with this kite you can practice all of them. It is very versatile for both sport and any level.

Its compact shape helps the wingtips to touch the water and this improves the ease of use, ideal for younger riders.

The lower-than-average design provides instant power and the rigid airframe maximizes stability at high speed, offering a wide range of use.

This option is highly recommended for all riders who hope to progress and increase their level little by little, as it is designed for beginners who are becoming professional riders. It is very easy to use, just mount it and you are ready to go. It is designed for light or gusty winds.

This kite, undoubtedly brings a lot of fun for those looking for an unparalleled experience. It is very predictable and stable when in the air and has great ease of handling. Its innovative design reduces the response time of the kite as well as increases its power.


Choosing the right wing foil board is essential to enjoy a great experience on the water. For this, we show you the different boards you can rent in our school in Tarifa, and the final choice is all yours.

Whenever you wish, we can advise you about which board we think is best for you, depending on your experience and personal characteristics, so that renting your wing foil board is a piece of cake.

This wing foiling board has in its design a rounded V in the nose, which helps the board not to get stuck in the water and to be able to recover it without losing speed when in use. The buoyancy it has is incredibly powerful in such a small board, in addition to reducing the weight of the swing. Undoubtedly one of the most stable board options.

The AK Compact board has an optimized version that, with its light weight, is the perfect choice for intermediate and advanced wing foil riders. Its light weight, stable platform and centralized volume have combined in one board all the ease of progressive jumps and maneuvers. It still has the feeling of a narrow board, but with great stability at the same time.

The AK Phazer Reflex Carbon wing foil board we have prepared for you is a totally versatile board with a size that concentrates all the power in several centimeters. Highly recommended for intermediate and advanced riders, this board has a very stable platform that facilitates jumps and maneuvers at all times.

This narrow feeling board has everything you need to glide through the water with the best possible balance.

Meet the wide variety of foils that you can use if you rent your equipment in our school, so that nothing can stop you. Each one is best suited to each person, find yours!

This great foil is practically a collector’s item: versatile, lightweight and very effective. The AK Surf Foil was originally born to be able to perform at its best in small and medium waves when surfing and for riders weighing more than 80 kilos. Its medium sized wing offers all the balance you need between maneuverability, speed and pump.

This foil is ideal for those looking for versatile performance. This AK Foil Surf V2 was created with the vision of making a type of cross foil that could perform equally well in small and medium waves. This type of foil also offers a high level of maneuverability, speed and pumping with a difference in size: this one is slightly smaller than the previous one, with 13000CM2 of front wing.

Intermediate or advanced riders, this foil is designed and created for you. Its front wing forms 800CM2 providing low aerodynamic drag while providing great stiffness and performance at high speed.

In addition, the Airush Foil Freeride The Airush Foil Freeride V2 is still suitable for intermediate level pilots, despite its advanced characteristics that provide so much speed.

This foil will be your best friend for low speed riding, carving practice and progressive learning. The rear wing is medium sized for versatile performance on every ride.

Conceived and designed for riders who still have a lot of progress to make and are looking for equipment that will facilitate this progression. Undoubtedly, the best ratio of performance and ease of use is found in this foil.

Wetsuits and other equipment

We have a wide variety of wetsuits and materials designed so that you can practice wing foil in the most comfortable and safe way possible. As you can already guess, for us a safe training is already a successful training, and any safety is not enough.

If you don’t know which wetsuit will suit you best or what accessories you may need, ask us and we will offer you the options that best suit you.

We have all kind of additional material, such as helmets, life jackets, harnesses, wetsuits, etc. 


Enjoy the best wing foil material in Tarifa

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